The Crazy Life

Okay… it’s been kind of hectic around here lately, so I’ll try to catch you up on what I’ve done since the last time I wrote.

Oct. 14-16, Weekend
*I went home. I made a lot of sweet stuff that I really should not eat, but I have been. I watched hockey and football with my dad. I hung out with Laura, who came up to see me. I did a lot of reading for my classes. Good stuff.

Last Monday
*I didn’t have Reporting, so my day was infinitely better. I worked on Distinctives and took a nap, I think. And I went to Distinctives, which was a great look at how the local church is meant to be a community.

*I went to Copy-editing, which was awesome… we learned about false possessives (I won’t go into that because you are probably not as much of a grammar geek as I am) and then our lab was cancelled because our instructor was sick. I spent the afternoon reading, which was wonderful because I never get to read what I want to read. Joshua and Matthew and Blue Like Jazz… all great stuff. Then, I went to the city council meeting because I had an exercise for Reporting that depended upon my attending the meeting and getting a story in by midnight. High stress. Controversial topic because they gave the first reading of the new rental laws… I left at ten, but they kept going. I wrote my story while distracted by other stuff, but got it in on time.

*Class. Wrote a really long blog entry that the computer proceeded to eat when I pushed the spell-check button. Met with my advisor. Still graduating next December. Ate food. Slept, I think. College group. Did a microediting exercise for Copy-editing, which was fun (for me, at least).

*Copy-editing. Quiz I forgot about. Slept ’cause I was tired. Went to worship practice, which is always interesting. Went to small group, which was sweet because we had a free-for-all, of sorts, with worship, scripture and prayer. Not being in a good mood, Chris and I went to the park because I didn’t want to go back to the dorms. Eventually went to sleep.

*Having slept through both of my classes, I spent the afternoon reading (I think) and just having time for myself. The guys went over to Eddie’s for “guy time” and then Chris and I rented “Big Daddy,” which was funny. I freaked out about some stuff for a while, which wasn’t so good, but it was good to have a (mostly) quiet night. Eventually went to sleep.

*Slept in, which was nice (although I didn’t sleep very well because I had a bunch of odd dreams). Read a little. Went bowling with Chris’ family, which was fun. It’s better than it was because I am more comfortable with them than I have been. Somewhere along the line, I managed to get a headache. Eventually went to bed.

*I woke up at 5 a.m. with the worst headache I’ve had in a really long time. After taking some Tylenol, I crawled back into bed and waited for it to kick in, which it eventually did. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep well, so I tried to sleep during church, which didn’t work so well either. I got up, feeling like I got beat up while I was trying to sleep and read for a while (I finished Joshua). Ate lunch. Started reading Jung again, who is quite the… I don’t think he really understood what it was that he was writing. Either that or, as a psychologist, he had detached himself to the point where he became incapable of feeling. I don’t know. I’m done reading it for now. Watched the football game while I read. Broncos lost. Read some more until I finished what I needed to glean from Jung. Then we watched “Office Space,” which only served to prove that I am a complete nerd who has worked in an engineering department. Finally fell asleep around 3:30 a.m., I think…

*Got up at 8 a.m. and went to class, which is where I am now. I worked on a puzzle during Lit, took notes like a madwoman in Media History and listened to the local paper’s crime reporter talk about her experiences for the first part of Reporting. Now, we’re talking about story ideas for our final, which we could easily do just as efficiently with email, but we have to be here for some reason. I’m tired and hungry, and I just want to go back to the dorm, to be honest. I have stuff to do, though, because I need to read more for Lit (I have a paper due Friday) and I have to get my Distinctives assignment done for tonight. And it’s already almost 1 p.m.

That’s it. Not too exciting, right? Well, for those who care… it’s there. 🙂

Mood: Hungry Listening to: Nothing. Chelsea has my iPod.
Reading: Nothing. I finished Blue Like Jazz Friday.


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