The days I feel discouraged…

…are often the days when I am not showing love toward those around me and the days when others fail to exhibit love and grace toward those around them.

How do we ever conceive that we deserve any sort of respect from anyone? How do we get away with feeling a sense of personal injury when someone has merely been doing their job? How do some feel that one moment of error can discredit someone who has been nothing but faithful for years?

It’s been a long day… and some comments that have been made today are really weighing upon my heart at the moment.

And yet, I need to exhibit the same grace toward those that make comments as is required of them toward those they are commenting on. Does that make sense?

Things are busy around here, but that’s okay. I got everything done for last week that was required of me. I went to Snow Mountain Ranch for a retreat with the Rock this weekend, which was greatly needed and such a blessing. God is teaching me so much at the moment and making clear all-the-more what it is that He requires of me in the coming days. He reaffirmed a lot of things this past weekend and, for that, I am very grateful.

Now that I’m back, work is piling up again. I never knew that four classes could be so much work. I’m working on a project for Media History that is taking a really long time and that, in all actuality, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with. I have a micro-editing exercise due Thursday that’s worth 4 percent of my grade. I have a story due Friday for Reporting. Kind of swamped, but not stressed, surprisingly.

One day at a time. And if I have to stay up all night Thursday, like I (practically) did last Thursday, so be it. Things will get done. I’ll stay sane. 🙂

In three weeks, my brother will be home! I’m really missing him and I’m getting to the point where I’m ready to spend some time with my family again. Granted, seeing them means not seeing people here, but I figure we’ll all be in heaven sooner than later, so there’s really no need to see everyone at once just yet.

Besides… I’d get terribly anti-social if I saw everyone at once and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

Something to chew on: Partial obedience is disobedience.

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Reading: Better Homes and Gardens, Sept 1971


2 thoughts on “The days I feel discouraged…

  1. Hope you are doing better,know I am looking forward to spending some time with you just talking about stuff and what’s God has been doing. I’ll try and call you up some time it is now almost midnight and I am still in the study lounge doing calc. Hopefully we’l get to talk I’ll try tommorow during my 5 hour break. Love you and miss you.JG

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