Well, I’m currently at home because my parents are in Connecticut for my cousin’s wedding and I thought it would be nice to get a break from being at school.

Laura came up for the weekend, too, which is fun. We’re getting to act like real friends who see each other and do things together on a regular basis. We went out for burritos last night, hit the used bookstore next door, went to see her dad and then came back to my parents’ house.

We were old ladies, but we didn’t expect otherwise. We watched TLC (because it’s, at the least, not degrading or offensive) and crocheted. Yes, you heard right. We crocheted. And we ate ice cream, too… 🙂

But yeah, I finished the panel I’ve been working on, connected it and another to my blanket which is slowly building, figured out that I have 12 panels instead of 16 to do (I’m really spacey when it comes to stuff like that), and then I started another panel, which I’m now about 1/5 of the way done with (yay!). Pretty soon, I will be 2/3 done overall.

I’m a nerd… what else can I say?

But yeah… I’m supposed to be doing homework. Or reading. Or folding my laundry, which finished drying about an hour ago. Or showering, which I’m sure the dogs would appreciate. I’m waiting for Laura to get back from her time with Andy (’cause I said she should do that)… and then we’re going to get food and go to the thrift store, so… I really need to work now is basically what it boils down to.

So… I’m going to go do that, I think. Well… I’m going to go do something. Laundry? Shower? Read? I like that order.

Mood: Discombobulated (what does that mean?!) Listening to: The house
Reading: John MacArthur, Jr., Different by Design: Discovering God’s Will for Today’s Man and Woman (take that, feminism!)


One thought on “Home

  1. It’s good to know you are having a nice break from the business of life. Enjoy this weekend and am so excited to see you in a week and a half. Till then don’t stress out too much about school. JG

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