Out of the ordinary…

I’m sitting here, munching on popcorn and Hershey Kisses (I have a sweet tooth right now) while Eddie and Chris are at the midnight showing of the fourth Harry Potter movie (they’re still in line right now… it’s only 11:34) and while I really should be studying some more for my Media History exam.

I thought I would do something different, merely because nothing has really gone as-planned over the past two days (not that it has been bad, but it’s just been unexpected).

Yesterday and today (both), I haven’t been feeling all that well, so I’ve been sleeping and studying and reading and sleeping and studying and… you get the point.

But last night, I went babysitting with the small group instead of going to college group. It was neat. I haven’t babysat in quite a while (probably last fall, would be my guess; either that or the fall of my first year of college) and it was really cool to be able to do that again (although in a slightly different fashion). And then I studied, which was good. And then I went to bed.

This morning, I didn’t have to go to my Copy-editing lecture, so I slept in, prayed a lot, took a shower and greeted the day with a bagel. I went to my lab to turn in my project and left promptly, settling in on one of the many available couches in the boys’ rooms and cracking open my Bible.

It was so nice to have time to read. And I read! I went through Judges 10-16 and Proverbs 7. Judges is such a crazy book because of the dynamic between Israel and God and the cycle of disobedience and repentance… it’s crazy stuff.

And then I edited Chels’ paper, which took forever because my brain wasn’t all there. And then I had lunch with Chris, his brother, and his sister-in-law before heading back to work some more.

After lunch, however, I wasn’t feeling so good again and took a nap. I studied notes for a while and then, after waking Chris up from his nap, I began experiencing severe pains (eerily similar to those I felt when I was sick a month and a half ago).

Consequently, I didn’t get much studying done in the hour I had before small group started. But I went to small group, which was really good (on having faith and “little faith” throughout the book of Matthew) and (surprise!) played for worship because Stephen was studying.

Granted, I haven’t played for worship in a really long time, but it was good to do it again. Uncomfortable, yes, but good.

And I am feeling better. Hopefully, nothing will return tomorrow.

I came back to the dorms, Chris and Eddie left for the movie, and I finished going through my notes and looked over my study guide briefly (I need to do that in more depth once I finish here). I checked out the music room and played through some stuff on the piano (how I miss having a good piano!). I started work on a song for Laura and Andy’s wedding, but I don’t know what I think of it yet. It might morph. I might write a completely different song. Who knows?

And now I just finished eating popcorn and Hershey’s Kisses and I need to get ready for bed and finish studying for my Media History exam.

And I’m going home tomorrow! And my brother comes home Tuesday! It’ll be nice to have a rest, even though I will have some schoolwork to do. I’m almost done with the next panel for my blanket, too, so that will be good to work on.

The semester is winding down. My last days with MountianView are mounting, sad to say, but I’m excited about what God has for me in the Spring with Summitview and with music and outside of formal ministry…

I’m excited, but I am of so little faith!

Back to the grindstone… ’til I write again, good night.

Mood: Okay Listening to: Bebo Norman, Big Blue Sky
Reading: Media History notes


One thought on “Out of the ordinary…

  1. Hey Gwinhead!I didn’t know you’re coming home today! I like that! And I really like the concept of the song that you wrote for Andy and me. Now I’m really excited, as evidenced by all the exclamation points! See you soon!

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