The Crochet Frontier

I think the title pretty much sums up my time at home so far.

I got home Friday, finished the panel I was working on, attached two more panels to my blanket as a whole, and started another panel (this part was identical to last Friday night… go figure). I got about halfway through that panel while watching Sahara with my parents. Then, I went up to go to bed, started crocheting a hat, read, and went to sleep.

I got up yesterday (albeit a lot later than I really should have because I woke up around 10:30), ate some lunch (leftover pizza), and did various things (I have lapses in my memory of what I actually did… I think it involved baking brownies and cookie bars for my parents’ small group) until I decided to finish my hat (which I did). Then, Laura and I went to Borders, where we proceeded to feel very old and sad because they renovated the cafe and, not only are the prices higher, but we can’t really get the same things anymore. But we looked at books (’cause we like books) and they have a ton of Sudoku puzzle books (it’s nice to know that it’s not just us who like them).

And then we went and looked at clothes at Kohls. They had some good stuff (like corduroy pants, which are wonderful), but they also had a lot of stuff that makes me worry about the people that wear them. I just don’t know what people are thinking sometimes when they buy clothing. Go figure…

Anyway, we went to King Soopers to get drinks (because we didn’t want anything that they had at Borders) and I finally settled on a Sobe and some Arizona green tea. Laura got some Sweet Leaf peach tea, which she loves. So, it was good all ’round and cheaper to boot.

We went home and watched The Princess Bride, which is one of the best movies of all time. I took Laura home and came back, finished Judges, and went to bed.

Church this morning was actually really good. My home church was finishing up their “40 Days of Community” campaign and incorporated different age groups into the service. I miss worship at my home church sometimes, but when I’m here, I miss worship at MountainView. They’re just so different stylistically, but they’re of the same Spirit, so it’s hard to choose, you know? The middle-schoolers did a skit based on 1 Corinthians 12, about how the body is made up of many parts, but how each part needs the other. They were each a different body part and it was funny, but well-done. It drove home a lot of what I’ve been learning lately about the design of the local church body.

After church, I came home and read for about an hour and a half. I read Ruth, a few Proverbs, started the book of Acts, read chapters from three different books (’cause I’m reading three different books), worked on Seeking Him for next week’s study in Newsom, and ate lunch.

Lunch was good. Real fish. Salmon. Baked potato. Peas. Dad’s iced tea. Blueberry muffins.

I like being home. I eat fewer meals, but it’s all good food.

Not that the dogs are complaining, either. Singer has developed an affinity for grapes and Dancer gets scrambled eggs on her food now. This place has definitely gone to the dogs (they’re hairy, but I love ’em).

I finished the panel I started Friday while watching The Pacifier and Sixteen Candles. Frankly, the movies are mainly for background noise. The crocheting is so mindless that it’s actually quite nice.

I started laundry, I’m talking to my brother, and I’m going to read some before heading to bed. Chris is coming up tomorrow, so I actually have to go to bed at a decent hour (not that that’s a problem because I have so little to do, but anyway…).

But yeah… life here is good. Boring, but good. It was good to see people today. It’s nice to know I can still come home. I just have different expectations now, is all.

So, that’s life. And that’s all I got.

Mood: Bored Listening to: Chris Rice, Amusing
Reading: C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy


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