The joys of headaches and in-depth articles

Well, Thanksgiving was good. Granted, I was overly emotional because of some random stuff for most of the week, but the holiday was good and so was having John home.

I like my little brother.

It’s sweet to see him so fired up for Christ. He is so involved with Campus Crusade out in SLO and he loves it and he’s so excited for what God has up His sleeve for the Cal Poly campus.

‘Cause that’s the cool thing about God… He’s always got something amazing ready to go. How amazing is it that our God does good things and, most importantly, that He saves the souls of men?

Anyway, it was good to be home for a while with the family. If only I slept better at home…

I managed to develop a vascular headache Thursday night (that’s what my mom thinks it is) and it hasn’t left me yet, though it is decidedly better today because I finally got a good night’s sleep.

Sunday night was fun, let me tell you. I didn’t sleep well and, when I did sleep, I dreamed about not sleeping well. I finally gave up at 7:45 yesterday morning, got up and read for a while before going to one class that I barely made it through.

But I did. And I got my paper back. And I picked up my history exam. And I’m happy with my grades because I really needed them to be good. For two classes, I have a ton of grades because I have a lot of assignments. For my other two classes, I have three or four grades the whole semester, so the paper and exam were good things.

And I just got my project back for copy-editing, so that was good, too.

I have one final next Thursday, one the following Monday, a paper for lit, and my final “in-depth” article is due by Dec. 16th. But that’s it! And then I’m a semester closer to graduating.

I don’t like reporting. I like editing. I like writing. I like graphic design. I like learning new things. Reporting news information bores me because nothing ever changes. It’s formulaic. Any moron can do it. Maybe not well. But any moron can do it.

But I have to go interview someone for my in-depth piece at 12:30 today. Which means I have time to prepare for the interview, eat lunch, and jet to Gifford.

Volunteerism and aging. Older adults volunteer a lot. To me, it’s interesting; to most people, they would probably be bored. I like social theory stuff.

But I want to sleep. Sleep would be wonderful right now.

First, however, I have macro-editing. Not as fun for me as micro-editing, but still good. Boring to learn. Fun to do.

That’s it, really. At least I am slightly coherent again. That’s good.

Mood: Slightly disoriented Listening to: JT310 lecture
Reading: Josh McDowell, His Image, My Image


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