The Weight of Waiting

The clock ticks on
And I’m waiting to see
How You fit this part of me back into me.
The calendar turns
And I’m waiting to find
When the time will come – when it’s time.

Can I jump back in yet?
Can I get my feet wet for the second time around?
Is this waiting over?
Or do I still have to shoulder the weight of this waiting around?

The page sits blank
And I’m waiting for words
That I can write right on the page – just for You.
Is this vessel empty?
Will it never be filled?
Has it lost its place in Your will?

I’m afraid that I have lost what You gave me
Like a child who has forgotten the rules.
I’m afraid that I’ll bring anything and something,
Everything and nothing to You.

Can I bring something that will make You smile?
Or will I bring something not worth Your while?
The least I can do is to leap from the ground –
No more of this waiting around.

©2005 Alyssa Kate Grinstead


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