The life and times of an office temp…

Well… this week was fun, I guess. I worked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at a job that continues through January 10 (the week before I go back to school), which is such a blessing, even if it’s boring.

I’ve been filing and doing data entry and binding manuals and answering phones and confirming information and watering plants and starting the dishwasher at the end of the day. It’s really not as great as it sounds (sad, huh?), but it’s good money and I could really use funds to replace what I took out of my savings this past semester. Not to mention funding Chris’ and my dating habit.

But it keeps me busy and keeps me from going crazy.

John leaves in the morning and my mom kind of chewed me out for leaving for two hours when I got home tonight (Laura and I went to see a friend that we haven’t seen since August). Since John was busy packing (and continued to do that until he went to bed right after I got home), I figured it would be okay and checked with Dad. I didn’t think it would be this big of a problem, but I was wrong.

I am wrong sometimes. Well, quite a lot, actually.

I’m going to miss my little brother. It’s been so good to have him home for a few weeks. He’s going back to good people, though, and it is so incredibly encouraging to know he is growing like a weed in the spiritual sense. What blessings there are in knowing your family believes!

I rang in the new year at Em’s again, but it was a different crowd of people this year (although there were quite a few of the same people there, which was great – it was just smaller overall). It was great to see everyone, especially now that I have time for people and am not just focused on switching churches and still being alive at the end of everything (which is over, you see, so… no pressure!) I got to spend some one-on-one time with a few of the girls, which was really great. God has us all in different places for a reason and it’s scary and wonderful to know He’s working.

And it was good to have Chris there, too. It’s been really nice to spend some time with him over the past few days without having either set of parents (or grandparents or godparents or extended family) around… and to get to spend more than just a few hours together. I really miss him when he’s not around, which definitely is not helped by the fact that there are still two weeks before I’m back in the Fort.

But things will go back to normal again and there will be no need for extensive use of cellular telephones (which are horrible, buzzing contraptions that die when low on battery).

And I’ll get to see Chris again tomorrow because his car is here while he and his parents are in the Fort visiting his brother and sister-in-law! That’s four days in a row! But it’ll be after I go bridesmaid dress shopping with Laura and Spud (who’s actually home – it’s so exciting!)

I’m so incredibly blessed where Chris is concerned – God is so good and faithful when I am so foolish. It amazes me how perfectly He orchestrates things before anything ever starts coming together, but it’s all there in the end!

Granted, it’s a little weird to be home. I have no idea what my parents think. Perhaps it is just that they’re still in shock from the fact that I’m dating, but they seem really quiet about everything. They don’t really ask any questions or show any emotion one way or the other, so I really have no idea what they think. It’s left me somewhat unsettled, to be honest, so you can definitely pray for that.

I’m really tired from last night (I didn’t sleep all that well), so I think I’m going to head to bed (especially since I have an earlier day tomorrow than normal – and a full day, at that).

I know, however, that what I need most is to simply fall at my Savior’s feet, for only He is truly worthy of my praise and only He knows me well enough to administer to me all that I need at this very hour.

Mood: Exhausted (in many ways) Listening to: Acceptance, Phantoms
Reading: Romans


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