Midnighting It

Well, Chris said my last post was kind of depressing (and I agree), so I figure I shouldn’t leave it like that.

I am currently in the process of importing music to my library so that I can upload my iPod with files that are all legal and that is all music I actually want on there (my brother and I agree on most things, but not everything). I should have about 20 CDs on there for now (that’s all I have time to import before I leave tomorrow night), as well as almost 400 sermons by A.W. Tozer (!).

But I’m excited because I can put it on random and hear stuff that I actually want to hear… As opposed to having to hit “next” every other song because every other song is by Dave Matthews (not a big fan).

I’m headed up to Erin’s parents’ house in Vail tomorrow after I finish work (only one more day – how exciting!), and I’m really ready to get out of here for a few days. It’s just weird to be working and coming home and sitting around with my parents and going to bed and starting all over again.

Changes of pace are good. As is seeing Chris and my friends from the Fort.

The new Delirious? CD is amazing… It’s so intense and convicting and haunting all at once. If that is what comes from being disgusted with the Christian music industry and where the church is today, we can only hope that more artists call the church to action as opposed to limping by within the Christian bubble.

A lot of Christian artists get flak for entering the mainstream, but I have issues with that. You can’t tell if someone is a believer by their appearance or by the press releases that their management sends out.

You can tell a believer by how they live and by how they love others.

The media sucks anyway (Being a student of it, I know this all too well). You can never be sure what is true and what has been manufactured these days.

And so, while some may think “Christian” bands “sell out” by entering the mainstream, unless the music changes or I hear directly from their lips that Christ is no longer their Lord, I will give my fellow body members the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, when did we get so caught up in our bubble that we have “Christian” music? Why can’t good music just be good music, without a label?

Sorry… The whole topic just gets me irritated sometimes.

We are so consumed by keeping ourselves “clean” that we fail to reach outside of the church bubble to those that are in need of hope, we even confine our musicians to the same bubble – and we fail to support them when they feel compelled to go into the world and share the hope that we have, even if the world does not understand it.

There are a lot of politics involved with anything, especially music. Contracts may limit what an artist can say but, if an artist is bent on integrity, their contract will not limit what they can write.

Let the music speak for itself. If it’s good, it’ll catch on… No matter what the lyrics.

How much better it is to have something catch on that brings hope and that is, for once, clean!

Calling the church to action is something that must be done, but one album is not going to be able to do it alone.

We each have to remember that we are commanded to go into the world and share the hope that lies within us… And we aren’t doing that like we should be!

I pray you haven’t been offended by my stepping up onto my soapbox. I’ll step down now. It’s been a long day and I’m really tired, but I refuse to go to bed just yet because I’m still waiting on music to import and Chris will be more irritated with me this way.

He’ll get over it… He gets to see me tomorrow. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to go get ready for bed now. That should at least pacify some who believe I don’t ever intend on sleeping.

Mood: Exhausted (evil phones!) Listening to: Delirious?, The Mission Bell
Reading: Philip Gulley, Home to Harmony


2 thoughts on “Midnighting It

  1. I can only stay up till or past midnight on the weekends. Stupid real life! Argh, I hate working sometimes, but I guess it pays the bills.Hey, it was great seeing you Friday night. :o) Hope y’all had fun!

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