Mute Math, music & media attention

So… Mute Math is coming to town on February 7 and I fully plan on attending the event with Laura. Did I mention that they are releasing their LP only at their concerts? No national distribution for the album yet… not sure why, but I fully intend on buying a copy.

I’m listening to “Typical” right now off of Myspace and it’s phenomenal. I’m such a nerd. Can’t wait.

Two weeks into my music regimen, I’m beginning to find freedom in writing again. It’s crazy to think of having taken such a break, but there is such a beautiful simplicity in the act of obedience. Man… God’s taking me somewhere, for sure.

If only I knew where that was. I’m in for a wild ride.

Classes are going well, even if they are a bit tedious. Psychology is easy, at least. Ethics is a lot of work (reading and writing), but I’m really enjoying what we’re studying because it really interests me. Granted, I’m more of a black-and-white person than waddling around in the grey, but it interests me, nonetheless.

I really like my magazine writing professor. He doesn’t keep us longer than he needs to and he doesn’t give us extraneous stuff to learn. It’s refreshing and directly in contrast with my last class, which I’m currently waiting for the start of. Online journalism is turning out to be the biggest joke of my semester so far, but we’ll see what happens. I feel like everything is review and I’m getting a sense of deja-vu from last spring in computer-mediated visual communication.

I’ve got to look over my notes now, though, because I have a quiz in about a half an hour. I think we’re doing an HTML tutorial today. Yippee. Sign my name under “bored”.

Mood: Tired Listening to: Mute Math, Mute Math
Reading: Online Journalism Notes


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