As the croc says, "What a stoopid holiday."

As most people that know me know, I love Pearls Before Swine, a comic strip drawn by Stephan Pastis. The past two days, his way of celebrating Valentine’s Day has been with the always-entertaining attempts by the crocodiles to kill Zebra. How does that work, you might ask.

Check it out for yourself.

But back to the holiday… it really is horrible, even for people who are involved with a “special someone”. It’s just ridiculous… there’s too much pressure. It makes me feel sorry for men everywhere when the red and pink go up at WalMart just after Christmas stuff comes down every year.

Which brings me to my true source of bitterness: red and pink. Why does everything have to be red and pink, and why do I always have to feel horrible when I do something for someone on Valentine’s Day and its not done in pink or red? What kind of holiday is that? It’s color-related peer pressure and it’s “stoopid”.

So there!

Anyway, I’m in class right now. I just got back my first article for my magazine writing class and I did really well. I didn’t know if the organization or the style in which I wrote it would fly, but my professor really liked it. And I managed to maintain my objectivity on a topic I’m pretty fired up about most of the time (which is true about my view on the Collegian just about every single day that I bother to actually read it).

I have to get going, though… and think of something creative to do. Or maybe I’ll read until my next class starts in ten minutes.

All I know is that I hope I can get out of here early enough to get back to the dorm, iron my dress (because I’m being forced to wear one tonight), shave my legs, and obscure my natural beauty with makeup and a curling iron.

Right. I may not be single, but I agree with the croc.


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