When your parents are gone…

…it’s just a little weird. Granted, it’s not like I’ve found strange items hidden around the house or anything.

It’s just quiet. And lonely, even with Laura here (especially because she’s asleep now). I miss the noise and the bustle that is dorm life in Fort Collins. I miss going to the Rock and church and hanging around when classes aren’t in session.

Instead, I watch TV (and not good TV, either). I eat (a lot). I crochet. I cut out squares of fabric for a quilt I’m not yet motivated to make. I put off my homework and put of my homework and put it off…

I’m lazy and I don’t like it when things aren’t exactly as I want them to be.

But God is here, too. Perhaps He could be even more prevalent to me with the silence that is only broken by the dogs barking and the humidifier humidifying, but that takes me sitting down with Him in mind.

And I haven’t yet brought myself to that place. Fatigue and being sick are merely excuses – they don’t excuse anything. But I’m going to go try after I make sure the house is locked up and the dogs are set for the night.

Tomorrow? Homework. Tonight? My best attempts at sitting at my Savior’s feet and His success in bringing me to Him. Amen.

Mood: Sick and Tired Listening to: Empty house sounds
Reading: Colossians 3; Elisabeth Elliot, Passion and Purity


One thought on “When your parents are gone…

  1. Wait…I am confused…I’m sure it’s just me because well, I’m oblivious to everything. Are you still in school? what’s up with you being home and not at school? Anyhow, Hey!!! lol. Hope you are doing well.

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