It’s only 11pm…

I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going crazy already and I’ve only been home for five days. I’ve already gone through all of my old standbys for wasting empty days, but all they are is empty, so I’m glad I’ve gotten that (mostly) out of my system.

I just miss people, I guess. And it’s harder talking to people who are interacting with other people. I just feel cut off. I have a lot to do and I desire to get things done, but I just don’t. The likely scenario is that I’ll go to bed now and try and tackle things again in the morning. There’s just not much else that I can do tonight.

Last night, I did sleep, which was nice and, today, I was blessed with work from this Friday until next Friday, so that’s good. I’m just tired and going crazy from being in the house all on my own (for the most part) since I got home last week – it just doesn’t work for me anymore. My mind starts going and nothing gets done except it slowly driving me crazy.

Stretching, stretching, stretching… I’d say that’s definitely accurate.

Mood: Tired Reading: John Piper, The Dangerous Duty of Delight
Listening to: Acceptance, Phantoms (in my head – kind of sad, I know)


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