Catching my breath

The past few days have been kind of nuts here at work. It’s like they just realized that they need all of this stuff done before things go live at the end of next week and, so, I am winding up being the beneficiary – I have been running around like a madwoman throwing documents together when I don’t even know what is really needed.

It’s kind of intense.

But it’s kept me busy, which has been wonderful. I’ve gone home the last few nights and just been exhausted, which is entertaining. My bedtime has shifted considerably since leaving college only six weeks ago. Last night, I was in bed around ten after I played piano for a while and read my Bible and some other stuff.

I must apologize, though, to anyone who calls me when I am halfway asleep – it’s not intentional, it just happens. I’m not exactly coherent and I’m not exactly entertaining when I sound like I’m drugged (I’m not, don’t worry).

Tonight, I’m going to Laura’s to help out with some wedding stuff and figure out scheduling and stuff since I’m not going to be here next week and the wedding is the week after. There’s so much to do and not enough time to get it all done!

But things have finally died down a little here at work, although I do think it will pick back up after lunch. It sounds like I have a lot of work to try and get done as fast as humanly possible, which for me means by tomorrow.

So… this could get interesting. In a lot of ways, my mind is already heading out to camp, which isn’t the best scenario, but one that is definitely a reality. It’s too tempting to just start packing things up and that kind of thing – all I can really let myself do is keep praying and wait for tomorrow night to roll around.

Things have been a lot better lately. God has given me a desire to be in His Word again, which has been such a blessing – how much we are renewed by a daily washing in Scripture! Beth Moore’s study on Daniel has been good at pointing out and connecting things that I know to be true.

But, still, pray for me – if only because I will be with what could be 40-60 teenage girls next week and a young staff (which will be strange because that never happens). Spiritual warfare is always running rampant at Mountaintop and every year is different, so we need as much prayer as we can get.

Pastor Don and his wife have already been up on the hillside praying for weeks. They come earlier every year, each one more fervent to see those that walk in the camp gates come to know a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their Savior.

Well, I’m going to see if my boss is around now. Perhaps she’ll have something that’s not documentation-related for me to do. That might be nice for a change.

Mood: Sluggish Listening to: A rare quiet in the office
Reading: Rob Richards, Has God Finished with Israel?


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