Do you know how long it’s been since I was last up and awake at midnight?

A really, really long time.

How strange… I repeat: one day, I will be a very happy morning person.

Creepy. Good and kind of cool, but creepy.

That’s all. ‘Night.

Mood: Ready for bed Listening to: Bethany Dillon, Imagination
Reading: My brother’s blog


2 thoughts on “Strange…

  1. Hey hottie…hehehe…You’d better be recording a bit in there some where (I know things are crazy and time is flying by, but that is not something you can afford to slack on…besides I’m getting enough money from tips to get my tongue pierced if you don’t…keep that in mind).I love you and I miss you…but not as much as Chris does (and not in the same way…doesn’t that make you glad).

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