You missed it, didn’t you?

The whole summer is just gone.

And if that isn’t crazy enough, my life is about to become chaotically beautiful.

Still not tracking, huh?

I have one semester of school left. That’s four classes and some work.

I have two jobs this semester, other than being a student, because I’m both working the front desk at Newsom and keeping my current job part time.

I’m helping out with the Rock’s newspaper (which I’m actually really excited about because I’m a nerd and I get to do what I enjoy – layout and editing). I might write a few pieces here and there, but I really don’t know.

Small group is going to be awesome simply because it has good people, and good people serving and fellowshiping alongside one another is just a wonderful thing.

I’m living in the dorms, I’m playing and teaching at a retreat in October, and I’m graduating! I’m probably going to go crazy, but it will be beautiful. I just need to have an attitude of prayerful diligence.

I will not be lazy!

Busy, busy, busy… but I’m excited about everything. God has blessed me with opportunities that are incredible. If I have no homework to do, I can even do work for my one job at my other job. The paper will help build my resume for things that pertain to my actual degree. And I’m living in the dorms with Liz, which allows for situations in which I will have to be bold and step out in faith.

This is going to be one massive learning curve.

Mood: Boggled Listening to: Caedmon’s Call, In the Company of Angels II
Reading: Christopher’s blog


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