Falling back into step

Needless to say, the last two weeks have been somewhat blurry. Between the newspaper, work, classes, orientation, and everything else, I have barely had time to breathe, it seems.

And yet, here I am, falling back into step with the school lifestyle, taking it one day at a time because the big picture is a little frightening at times. To top it off, I’m currently procrastinating on an article for the Voice and listening to clips from Adam Watts’ new album (an independent release that comes out September 1st!) and I’m blown away all over again. There’s just something about the way he writes and puts together music…

I finally finished unloading my room today, after having been here for over two weeks. It’s nice to finally feel like I’m, at the least, in control of my living space again.

Now, however, I must press forward toward the goal of having a paper to print at the end of the week and toward passing my capstone, which includes writing cover letters so that I can begin applying for jobs this week (which is crazy, I must say).

I’ve been blessed in that God might have just dropped a post-graduation living arrangement in my lap that would let me stay here in Fort Collins, living off of my savings until I find a job up here. I just have to keep praying. Lots. 🙂

Mood: Sunburnt (!) Listening to: Adam Watts, Sleeping Fire
Reading: Andrew Beaujon, Body Piercing Saved My Life: Inside the phenomenon of Christian rock


2 thoughts on “Falling back into step

  1. Good luck wth school and the Newspaper – is that the Collegian or the Student Voice? If it’s the Collegian – you’ll turn it into the quality paper that it … well…. probably long ago once was!!! 🙂 Yeah, and wow! That’s cool you already found post-graduation housing (possibly) Later!

  2. Whoops – never mind on the question about the paper – you just called it the Voice hahahaha! That’s cool it’s still in publication on campus!

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