My time seems to be worth so much more than it used to…

I used to sit around between classes and talk to people. I used to play computer games and watch television and read books. Now, if I have free time, I’m usually asleep, working, at the front desk, or working at the boys’ house. I have to force myself to take time out of my day and relax sometimes. It is at those times that I realize I am six weeks into my last semester of school.

In the past week, I worked 16 hours at the desk, three for CHI, 10 hours on the newspaper, went to seven of nine classes, contracted a cold, played guitar every day except yesterday, met with three of the ladies on our team, attended a myriad of events, conducted two interviews and decided that I wanted to quit everything.

Oh, if only I hadn’t signed my graduation contract a few weeks back!

All in all, however, I’m doing more than fine most of the time. It just sucks when you’re exhausted and you have a cold and you have to get work done, and all you want to do is crawl up into a ball and cry yourself to sleep (that’s what happens when I’m supremely exhausted).

But God is faithful. He has placed a premium on my time, to be sure. I have so few chances to be lazy anymore, and that is such a blessing.

I get a break this week from the newspaper, as it’s not a layout week and I don’t have a story to write. I do, however, have the retreat to finalize (music and my talk for Sunday), my first article for my capstone due Wednesday and a big honkin’ history exam Friday. Some days, I think I’m just along for the ride… trying to keep up with my life.

Whelp, I have to go drop off Christopher’s stuff at the house and get to the church for the Student Voice meeting. Then, life kicks into gear again. At least my room is clean again.

Mood: Um… Listening to: The Waiting, Unfazed
Reading: The latest issue of the Student Voice – on stands Oct. 3!


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