Picture fun…

I took pictures off of Abra’s camera… 🙂 It’s okay. She knew I was doing it (at least she knew I was looking for pictures for Mike’s article for the SV yesterday, so… she kind of knew).

I like Abra. People always forget what happens when we’re together and then they remember very quickly.

Chris and I don’t take the best pictures. I have a tendency to look high, and he has a tendency to do strange things in order to try and make a better picture. This was on the way to Denver for GCLI Saturday morning. Crazy good stuff.

We were trying not to focus on the fact that Abra was taking a picture of us at IHOP a few weeks back. I’m not quite sure what’s up with the crazy side view of my head, but the rest of the picture isn’t that bad. Chris has shaved since then.


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