Sat 1:09 AM

As Tom Brown says, the best place to be is definitely wherever Christ’s church is.

What a way to celebrate the end of the semester – there’s none better in my opinion.

Honestly, what could ever top worshiping for an hour and a half with brothers and sisters, watching a beloved director of the Rock be ordained as a pastor, eating food, praying for those leaving for El Paso, cleaning, wrestling and watching people play dodgeball?

What is normally a two-hour experience at most became a five-hour extravaganza that was well-rounded out with laughter. Laughter is so very good for the soul. As are good friends. As is being silly. As is praising God.

Especially the praising God.

And, it is the end of an era in so many ways – including the end of my classes at CSU. But I know and trust that God has incredible things planned and I’ll rest in the wonder of all that He is until and past the time when those things are revealed.

Praise God for His glorious grace – that He would first love fools and then make them useful!

God is so good. So very good. And I affirm that with a sure “Amen!” because I know that whole-heartedly to be true with every fiber of my being. Amen!

Mood: Blessedly exhausted Listening to: Reuben Morgan, World Through Your Eyes
Reading: The clock that’s telling me to go to sleep


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