The world is weird

I know. Big shocker…

But, seriously. when you spend two and a half hours of your day looking at headlines and trying to determine what is important enough to be placed in next week’s issue, you see a lot of strange stuff.

Like, check this out:
A woman with a 93-pound ovarian cyst.
A 14.5-pound baby in Mexico.
An elderly woman who kept 11 fully grown swans in her 270-sq-ft apartment since 2001.
A lawmaker in Texas who is pushing for a bill that will make parents missing scheduled parent-teacher conferences a misdemeanor and assess a fine for doing so.

I laugh every time I sit down to read the news. Not to mention all the celebrity gossip. Who cares if someone is really ready to have kids? Do we only care because they’re willing to sacrifice their amazing figures to do so?

Goodness gracious me. What a strange world.

And it’s supposed to snow again. And it’s freezing outside. And I have to walk to my car.

Oh well… God is still faithful and still has purpose for me. I’m so grateful that someone does.

Mood: Sleepy Reading: Jon Krakauer, Under the Banner of Heaven
Listening to: Whatever is playing off of Greg’s computer


3 thoughts on “The world is weird

  1. Hey big sister,So I was thinking aside from the massive model I have to build and complete in what is t minus 6 days I should call you cause I miss you and all your sillyness. I look forward to talking to you on probably thursday of next week. Love you, and know you are in my prayers.JG

  2. Yeah, most defintely the news is weird. I think the news is even weirder when I listen to it after coming home from working 8 hours at the hospital… I pray for the Student Voice regularly! I think it’s so awesome God has brought it to campus! 🙂

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