On the ignorance of "breaking" news…

I have a new respect for the Associated Press.

Even ignoring Paris Hilton makes news

Ah… the sweetness of someone confirming what you knew all along. No one misses unimportant news when it isn’t covered.

Oh, and I’m headed back to the Weekly next week, which is completely awesome. Seems like Greg has been irritating some people again – it just means working again will be all-the-more entertaining.

I get to sleep in my bed six out of seven nights a week again, work two days at the Weekly, work two days in Denver, have a day off, and *drum roll, please* not only keep my regular meetings but actually have time to spend with people that I love.

God is good. Now, let’s just hope that all of this experience leads to a job that I actually want to do that actually pays… Oh, well. That belongs to God, too. 🙂

Mood: Pretty stinkin’ excited Listening to: iPod on shuffle
Reading: Jon Krakauer, Under the Banner of Heaven


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