Treasure on a Tuesday: Favorite Worship Albums

A few more favorites, this time three of my favorite worship albums. Since I’m not on my own computer tonight (using Christopher’s laptop instead so I don’t have to freeze downstairs), I won’t include images. Might update that later, but none for now.
Life has been kind of crazy, but there’s something about remembering who God is and the price that Christ paid for our freedom that is so peace-instilling in the midst of all the crazy. That’s when I’m grateful for the worshipful hearts of others that capture thoughts I’ve been trying to piece together for years. 
Please note that I hold nothing against more mainstream worship albums. I have my share of Chris Tomlin, DCB, Desperation, and Hillsong just like the rest of us – these just hold a special place in my heart. And, yes, I am aware that none of these artists are releasing music these days. Here’s hoping they do again soon (except for maybe Delirious?, who had a long and glorious run – ending with the incredible Kingdom of Comfort), but that’s a digression…
Jason Morant – Open (2006)
I don’t remember just when I first heard this album, but I remember it belonging to my brother. Somehow, I inherited it with a bunch of his other CDs, and it has become an easy favorite. There’s a simplicity and beauty in Morant’s understanding of God in “Holy” and “Veils” – calls for me to see Him for Who He is and not for what I can so readily make Him out to be. “Offering,” “Display My Love,” “All of Me,” and “At Your Feet” all speak to the desperate desire we have to be able to offer something of worth back to Christ for all He has done for us. And last, but certainly not least, is my favorite track – “Hosanna.” Eight minutes long, this beautiful song has a chorus built around traditional Latin liturgy: “Hosanna / Filio David // Hosanna / in Altisimis //” (Hosanna / Son of David // Hosanna / in the Highest //). Goosebumps every time I hear it. It’s like being in a European cathedral and worshiping Jesus. Amazing.
Delirious? – The Mission Bell (2005) 
Delirious? made a lot of worship albums, including World Service, which remains a close second to Mission Bell. There’s something raw and quirky about this one, however – the main reason it remains my favorite from the band. Chris and I both love the version of “Solid Rock,” rap courtesy of TobyMac included. It’s awesome. “All This Time” and “Miracle Maker” remind you just Who is in charge of this whole life thing. “Our God Reigns” is brutally honest about the condition of the world around us, but the emphasis on God’s promise and sovereignty through it all still gives me chills. My two favorite tracks are the album’s last: “Take Off My Shoes” and “I’ll See You” – reminders of God’s holiness and the incredible gift Christ gave us when He bought our entrance into His presence.
Something Like Silas – Divine Invitation (2004)
We got a lot of random CDs from Hoi Polloi, a huge music festival that the Christian community in Denver tried to get going at the Pepsi Center one year (or maybe two – we only went one). Amidst the large selection of junk that you get with samples was a Something Like Silas single. One of my absolute favorites is “Spirit Waltz,” a relaxed kind of ditty that somehow holds incredible power in its words and understanding of the depths of God’s love. Some of the slower songs carry vocals a little reminiscent of Copeland’s In Motion, particularly “I Fall” and the title track. Another standout for me is “Infinite,” describing the breadth of God and how His infinite nature enables us to trust Him in His full sovereignty. If you enjoy this album, you might like the band that emerged from SLS – Future of Forestry. 

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