Weekend Workroom: Gingham

In light of the chaos of the weekend and our impending departure for Christopher’s spring break, this post is fairly short – particularly on pictures. Sorry. I’ll try to do better next time.


So, I definitely ran out of yarn. Or, at the least, I ran out of the variegated yarn for Christopher’s blanket, which he was upset over because it means progress on his blanket stops until we’re able to buy a skein or two sometime next month. It means I have four rows left before progress halts entirely, since I still have some of the solid color yarn to continue on with for four more rows.

But I decided to switch gears a bit, try something new. The result is that I pulled out my crochet books and hunted for projects, and I thought I’d give this one pattern from Crocheted Afghans: 25 Throws, Wraps, and Blankets to Crochet by Melody Griffiths a try: It’s a gingham baby blanket. Since I was the recipient of a ton of yarn last week, I sifted through it and discovered that I had both a dark purple and a light purple, with an awesome clean white.

And who doesn’t love a gingham pattern? It’s classic. You can’t hate on a classic.

The one thing I chose to overlook was the fact that all three yarns are very different weights. It makes the construction a bit difficult at times, but helps create this incredible texture. The pattern is fun, and since it changes colors every three stitches (dc stitches), it’s really hard to put down – there’s just always another set to start in on and complete!

It’s so strange, though, because there is definitely a right side and a wrong side to this pattern. The back is, well, a bit crazy.

Baby blankets are great opportunities to try out new stitches and patterns because they don’t take terribly long to complete. You don’t have to have a baby or expecting one of your own in order to make a baby blanket. If you have the yarn and the time, make the blanket I say – and then you’ll be ready with awesome gifts when babies come. Or whatever. I might make one in every color of the rainbow – the whole process of this particular pattern is just that enrapturing to me…

And I am quite a bit further in the process than the five rows pictured here – I just don’t have the time needed to get updated pictures of the current status. It’s coming along nicely and fairly quickly, both which are pretty cool things. I’m hoping to add quite a bit of length while on vacation and will show some pictures when I get back.

Speaking of that whole vacation thing… I may or may not post this week, dependent on my relaxation level and our Internet access through the week. Don’t hate. I’ll post again soon.


One thought on “Weekend Workroom: Gingham

  1. I need the pattern for that blanket like I need another hole in my head, but if you feel like sharing I'll find a way to make one too. That pattern looks like so much fun!Have a great vacation :-)Laura

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