Weekend Workroom: Settling Back In…

This is a little late (I mean, it’s Tuesday, right?), but I figured it was worth posting because I have just now gotten my computer back… which is fantastic.

There’s a lot that’s been happening around here lately, and that doesn’t just include all the work that Chris has been putting into getting our office finished out and ready for us to move stuff back in. We’re almost to the point where things are in their places and finding their homes again, which is good because our office has been spread throughout multiple rooms for a little more than a week at this point, and I’m eager to have this crazy room back.

For reals this time, you can check out the lower level remodel on that other blog. I couldn’t find the camera cord until we unpacked stuff, so… posts have been a bit delayed on all accounts.

God is moving us into a new season, which we’re really excited about. I feel like God is finally answering a ton of our long-held prayers in really backward ways that only show how incredible and merciful He truly is. I’ll be able to share more in a couple of weeks (and, no, that’s not a hint toward anything – I’m just not allowed to share too many details right now).

To celebrate being done with Missions Weekend this year (since Chris helped orchestrate a large portion of the meal after church and we both ran around with a bunch of other awesome people for several hours to make sure everything went as planned), I asked Christopher what kind of ice cream he wanted, giving him the options of several candies that I stockpiled after Valentine’s Day, when everything was on sale. He wanted the one with peppermint patties, which is one of our favorites. The base is like a Frosty from Wendy’s. It’s pretty fantastic.

Chocolate Mint Chocolate Ice Cream
(from cuisinart.com)

2 cp. heavy cream
1 cp. whole milk
1/2 cp. chocolate syrup
2 T sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1/2 cp. crushed chocolate mint candies (I use 15-16 of the small peppermint patties)

Combine all ingredients (except candies).
Chop or crush candies into smaller pieces – if you have some extra time, putting them in the freezer before you cut them can keep them from being super-sticky.
Freeze mixture according to manufacturer’s directions 20-25 minutes. Add candy for last 5 minutes of freezing time.


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