Coming back soon…

I promise that I have not forgotten my blog here. Between the new job and still being at one car, we’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and have spent only minimal time at home. At the end of the day, I’m very ready for bed…

But things are really good. Chris is done with school for the year; I’m settling nicely into my new non-routine routine at the church; we’ve done some spring cleaning, celebrated a few birthdays, started up the AC a few times; Chris is prepping for his trip to Nepal with the teens; and I’m awaiting a new camera so I can display the incredible awesomeness that is my new set of matching bookshelves and my newly cataloged library (well, maybe I’ve made time for that the past few weeks…). More on the last one especially coming soon. When Chris is gone, I’ll be sad, but I will certainly have a bit more time on my hands!

See you soon!


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