Weekend Workroom: Finishing

This weekend was about finishing things.

For one, the inside of our front door has long looked like this:

Not very attractive, to be sure, but it at least got sanded somewhere along the way, which means it’s been leagues ahead of the outside of the door (or the house for that matter – if you visit, you’ll understand how our house is not-so-pretty from the outside).

While Chris and his dad worked on outside stuff, getting the yard ready for winter (and for our dogs not to have mud to roll around in!), I decided I was going to tackle some painting projects that have long sat unfinished. I’m still mid-project on a few of them, but it was nice to finally get somewhere… A few hours and two coats of paint later, our front door now looks like this:

It’s really pretty. I rehung my wreath there tonight. It just seemed right.

Anyway, after that, we went to our semi-annual teens-run-around-in-the-dark-with-noodles youth ministry night last night and I tackled the last round and a half of the border on the blanket I’ve been working on since this spring (see here and here for beginnings and mid-point). I got to the last 20 stitches and I ran out of yarn in my skein. So, I finished it after I went home. And it’s awesome. Definitely one of my favorite projects. Consequently, I’m back to work on Christopher’s blanket now. Some pictures of the finished product:

It was nice to finish some things for a change. Off for another busy week!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Workroom: Finishing

  1. It's so nice to finish projects! I keep starting new ones without finishing old ones and consequently have at least 6 half finished projects. I think my goal this week will be to finish a couple of them. Thanks for the inspiration :-)Laura

  2. Sweet blanket!! I just finished a 5'x6' single crochet one for my parents that took f o r e v e r (SINGLE crochet!). Finishing projects is so satisfying. The door looks great! I kept checking your reno blog – didn't know you still used this one. Guess I have lots of catching up to do! ; )

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